Glaston and CIMEC to deepen cooperation

Glaston and Cimec Oy have signed an agreement on September 2021 regarding Glaston selling the glass handling business to Cimec. The companies have, at the same time, signed a distribution agreement for the handling devices.

In this arrangement the production of the handling devices moves from Neuhausen to Cimec in Tampere. In line with the new distribution agreement, Glaston continues to offer the handling devices under the Glaston brand to its customers. The companies have been cooperating already over ten years and the new combination forms now one of the biggest and strongest players in the glass handling device market.

“This was a pretty perfect solution as we are now able to free some space and resources in Neuhausen that are needed for growing IG production. At the same time we are not only able to significantly shorten the delivery times of the lifters but also widen the lifter portfolio. The existing CIMEC lifters complement the Glaston lifters and will also be part of the future offering for our sales network”, says Sasu Koivumäki.

“I see this as an opportunity and a natural continuation of our cooperation with Glaston over the years. Also, Cimec’s know how and expertise in manufacturing and sourcing of the materials is supporting our common strategic goals. When visiting Glaston Germany for the first time, it was really nice to experience the same atmosphere that we have experienced here in Finland. I want to thank the whole team in Neuhausen for the great hospitality during the previous two weeks’ training period for myself and my colleagues”, says Martti Ahola, CEO, Cimec Oy.

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2.11.2021 Aamulehti (only in Finnish)

Picture: Aamulehti archives